Soft foams

  • Automotive
  • Public transportation
  • Furniture industry
  • Healthcare

PUR system soft “cold” foam - including the combination PUR foam + reinforcement + upholstery features + foaming up to the coating

  • Adapting pieces of seats, head and elbow rests, designed for further processing -upholstery
  • Sun screens

These polyurethane foams are used to manufacture products like seat adapting pieces, rests, headrests and mattresses. Apart from functioning as comfortable upholstery in furniture, seats, pillows and mattresses, other applications make use of other technical properties of soft foams, such as different fillings, foam seals, noise absorption in constructional parts for vehicle interiors, or high level of adhesion in the manufacture of air filters. Soft foams may be manufactured as blocks in a continuous or discontinuous way. However, in many applications of soft foams, a complex geometry of the shaped part is set, which may be realized more economically via direct manufacture of shaped foams. There are therefore no limits to the variety of shapes, with high comfort at the same time.

The used soft PUR foams meet the requirements of Automotive standards (MVSS 302, 95/28/ES.....)