• Soft cold (also with reduced flammability)
  • Semi-rigid
  • Integral PUR foam

PUR system "cold" foam (also in the combination of PUR foam + reinforcement)

  • Seats for vehicles-PUR adapting pieces of seats, rests, head and elbow rests, designed for further processing -upholstery
  • Sun screens

PUR system – "semi-rigid" foam (combination of foil + PUR, foil + PUR + reinforcement)

Interiors of trucks, passenger vehicles, buses and other means of public transport, trains.

PUR system – "energy-absorbing - EA" foam

Segments of safety and protection elements, deformation zones in vehicles and their parts.

PUR system – "integral foam" with enclosed surface structure (also in the combination of PUR foam + reinforcement)

  • Handrails, rests, to be used in public transportation
  • Sealing, floor blocks - noise elimination
  • Possible foaming up of metal, wooden, or plastic reinforcements
  • Possible foaming up to leatherboard or textile coating in vacuum forms