Integral foams

  • Automotive
  • Public transportation
  • Furniture industry
  • Lottery industry
  • Healthcare

PUR system – "integral foam" with enclosed surface structure (and in the combination of PUR foam + reinforcement)

  • Automotive - handrails, rests
  • Sealing, floor blocks
  • Foaming up metal, wooden, or plastic reinforcements

Thanks to their profile of characteristics, they provide for attractive alternatives to traditional materials like wood, metal, thermoplastics and thermosets.

The sandwich structure, which provides the shaped parts with high mechanical strength at a relatively low weight, is manufactured in a single working step from one and the same material. The reaction mix is applied in closed forms. A massive edge zone-crust is created in this form, as well as a finely porous foam core. The foam density demonstrates an integral course in the cross-section of the constructional part. This is mostly applicable in the automotive industry (steering wheels, gear lever grabs, head rests, handrails), as well as in other industrial fields like healthcare and the furniture industry (elbow rests, hand rests, rehabilitation units, collars to whirlpools).