Quality policy

The management of MEDIA MIX, s.r.o. determines the intentions for permanent improvement of performance of the quality management system by means of the quality policy, in accordance with the strategic intentions of the company.

The quality policy stems from the strategy of the company’s management. The quality policy is considered to be the means causing an improvement in the company’s performance. Quality is a decisive element for achieving success and prosperity in the company. The foundation stone of the company’s functioning is the manufacture of products and providing high-quality services, as well as meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers.

It is our aim to be a much sought after supplier, strong in terms of business and economy, especially in the area of the manufacture of parts from polyurethane systems, particularly seating parts in public transportation in the automotive industry and the furniture industry.

In the beginning, MEDIA MIX, s.r.o. managed to acquire long-term manufacturing programmes in which customers required reliability in meeting the deadlines of deliveries, as well as high-quality of products.

Thanks to the fact that the company managed to meet the strict conditions of deliveries,  customers started to assign further manufacturing programmes to the company. The constant growth of the number of manufacturing programmes and the ever-growing demandingness brought about constantly increasing pressure on the management of the entire company. The company did not want to permit any failures in meeting the delivery conditions, and it therefore established a quality management system (ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001) that was subsequently certified. Supervision over the functioning of the system was entrusted to the prestigious certification body TÜV SÜD Czech.

2010 brought about further need for new impulses for system development, as well as a need for a complex approach, i.e. the inclusion of legislative requirements from the area of environment, occupational safety and health and fire prevention. This brought about the establishment of integrated management system for quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001), occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001). Once again, the company only certified the quality management system, and supervision was granted to certification body AZ Cert EU for the next three years.

Over the three years of operation of the integrated management system, the company managed to strengthen its fulfilment of all legislative obligations and fulfil the company’s expectations in terms of introducing a complex view of each process within the organization. During the evaluations, the company management also considered strengthening the trustworthiness of the established but not yet certified management systems of the environment and occupational health and safety. Having consulted the representatives of the certification bodies, the company management decided to implement and certify the quality and environment systems. Regarding occupational health and safety and fire prevention, the company chose to strengthen the operation of professionally authorized persons.

MEDIA MIX, s.r.o. has implemented and certified an integrated quality management system (ISO 9001 – place hyperlink to certificate here) and environment (ISO 14001 – place hyperlink to certificate here) for the following activities: Design and manufacture of rubber and plastic products by pressing, foaming up and casting in forms.

Over the years, the company managed to develop the management system, also thanks to external stimuli brought about by customer audits, as well as certification body audits, and during the last few years suggestions of other interested parties were added to these. In order for the company to continue developing its system in accordance with the adopted policy, it will welcome all your stimuli, suggestions and observations, as well as complaints. To express these, please use the contact form. Thank you.

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